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  • Jie - Wednesday 19 September 2018 17:51
    Amazing! Must remember to ask you the history.
  • 6deisw - Wednesday 19 September 2018 18:02
    That's a replica of the Golden Hind. It was built at Hinks & Sons Boatyard in the village of Appledore, Devon, UK. That's in the south west of England.

    They made quite a few replica ships, including a viking long boat.

    I worked there for about 8 months, not long after Golden Hind had been launched. I wasn't a boat builder, my job was to sweep sawdust and wood and burn it on the beach. Preparing oakum dipped in linseed oil, help with the riveting and steaming of planks to bend them. Sadly it closed down many years ago now.