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Welcome To Gemini Enfield’s Second Life Website


About Gemini Enfield

Second Life Citizen

Gemini Enfield is the co-founder and CEO of The Vortex Night Club in Second Life.

This web site is actively being constructed and the work continues Some info is already here and more info is being added daily.

Keep checking back for the latest daily updates.


Vortex Night Club

Information about The Vortex Night Club is currently being processed and should appear within the next 14 days. STAY TUNED


 Gemini Gift Cards

Gemini Gift Cards is a wing of the Gemini Emporium store in Second Life,
More information will appear within the next 14 days, STAY TUNED!

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“Our ways are fixed and move no more:
Allow their death and walk away in new country."

From 'The Language of the Lines: I-Ching'